Re: I am Lord of the Theme (aka the buck stops here)

On Wed, 2005-16-02 at 22:29 -0500, Seth Nickell wrote:
> I hereby dub myself (well, publicly reaffirm that I am) Seth Nickell,
> Lord High Maintainer of the Theme as per the dictates of god.

Seth, awesome f0rking post. I totally agree so I snipped your post (go
read the original!). I think GNOME needs more of this kind of leadership
(which is different from heavy-handed dictation), and I liked the job
you did with the FileChooser UI. I'm totally pysched to know someone is
actually on top of the dog-pile that usually results from these kind of

>   1) Contribute to the list of themes under consideration on the Wiki.
> Please do not delete items from the list, though feel free to add
> negative comments to the appropriate section for that theme below. We
> will cull later.
>   2) If the theme(s) you think should be considered are already on the
> list, then you're in luck because (until we move to the next phase)
> your job is already done. We do not need another long theme thread
> full of random opinion messages that most gnome hackers are deleting
> w/o reading as we speak. Please do not squawk like a chicken just to
> make noise ;-)

You mentioned in the part I snipped that a *design* competition might be
useful, which is what I personally had in mind. Can we set up a web-
place, possibly on the wiki, where people can submit one-image mockups
(no 10 page endeavours), and make that number 3)?

> So lets go do it and get gnome looking all shiny and spifferdy!

/me expecting the GNOME community to now form like Voltron into a
themeing ultra-zord
> -Seth


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