Re: Brainstorm for new default theme was: Exciting GNOME?

On Wed, 2005-02-16 at 19:29 +0000, Aidan Delaney wrote:
> Hey all,
> 	What do you want in a new default theme?  I'm looking for everything
> from big-picture to details.  I don't want information like "the
> $insert_widget should look like $insert_existing_theme" I want
> information like "the $insert_widget should look like
> $insert_description which can be seen in $insert_existing_theme".  Give
> me information in text form rather than just images.
> 	Over this weekend (get your say in before Friday night) I'll gather all
> the ideas together into a decent document.  I'll then present it to
> usability/internationalisation/accessibility people who can comment (if
> they want).  In the end we'll hopefully have two or three candidate
> ideas for development.

Is this the right approach? It seems to me that the look of individual
widgets should be the last thing we think about. Shouldn't any
conversation with a view to designing a new look start by identifying
usability goals, problems with current implementations, and potential
solutions? Visual stuff should come dead last.

Is there no established lifecycle process to be followed for this kind
of design? I don't think any discussions from the starting point you've
established will be helpful.

Gabriel Bauman

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