Re: Brainstorm for new default theme was: Exciting GNOME?

<quote who="Aidan Delaney">

> 	What do you want in a new default theme?  I'm looking for everything
> from big-picture to details.  I don't want information like "the
> $insert_widget should look like $insert_existing_theme" I want
> information like "the $insert_widget should look like
> $insert_description which can be seen in $insert_existing_theme".  Give
> me information in text form rather than just images.
> 	Over this weekend (get your say in before Friday night) I'll gather all
> the ideas together into a decent document.  I'll then present it to
> usability/internationalisation/accessibility people who can comment (if
> they want).  In the end we'll hopefully have two or three candidate
> ideas for development.
> 	So reply with ideas no matter how crazy you think others may think
> them.  Please don't disagree with someones ideas or flame them; think of
> this as a group brainstorm.

This is really not the list for this kind of discussion. Please reply off
list if at all. (Also, your methodology is not useful for coming up with a
usable theme, it will just come up with a dog's breakfast of things people
like. You need one person to come up with and hone a design, and a bunch of
people to critique it.)

Please reply to the previous mail off-list if at all.

- Jeff

-- 2005: April 19th   
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