Re: moving windows above the top panel

On Llu, 2005-02-14 at 23:24, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> I disagree. Users don't always gonna use XFce or Metacity, window managers 
> that might have the brains in the future to deal with the problem at hand. 
> But if a user decides to use another wm, he should not have his gtk or qt 
> apps going off the screen with no way to easily resize them down. IF these 
> apps were written with 800x600 in mind, even that user of that weird wm 
> would be able to use them with no fuss.

Its more the reverse. The older the toolkit and window manager the
better they behave (with the notable exception of xview which has a
totally hosed resize model). The old window managers and Xaw stuff may
look ugly and have a totally weird UI but they did get the sizing model
mostly right.

Ages ago I wrote a window manager for my PC110 that simple made all non
dialog box type windows full screen with a fast flip between them and
centred dialogs in order. The PC110 "mouse" sucks so this made good

Xaw stuff loves it, gtk/gnome stuff isn't too bad if its small enough
although a few apps did weird things. When stuff didn't fit gtk and qt
fell apart losing widgets off display while Xaw shrank stuff and lost
bits of labels first. Qt now I believe adds scrollbars which is a bit of
hack but didnt at the time.


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