Re: moving windows above the top panel

I disagree
that the default size must be no bigger than that size and I also
disagree that this is primarily the app developer's problem.

I disagree. Users don't always gonna use XFce or Metacity, window managers that might have the brains in the future to deal with the problem at hand. But if a user decides to use another wm, he should not have his gtk or qt apps going off the screen with no way to easily resize them down. IF these apps were written with 800x600 in mind, even that user of that weird wm would be able to use them with no fuss.

Sorry, but this IS the app's developer fault primarily. If an app developer does not do his research about his app's UI and how his app would be used and under which circumstances (especially under the very nature of unix/linux where many wm exist), then, that shows to me nothing but poor software engineering.

Having the window manager shrinking down things is one thing and a workaround to only a few cases. Having the app developer not knowing how to design a good app in the first place, it's the main problem.

I hope the Gnome HIG at least is updated to include instructions about window sizes for common resolutions. I have asked this 3-4 times already in the last 2 years. Who is responsible for the HIG here btw? I can't find anyone to send an email directly and have this discussed (the hig mailing list was full of spam the last time I checked).


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