RE: moving windows above the top panel

For example the k3b setup dialog doesn't fit into the screen with resolutions of 1024x768 or smaller.

That's a K3B bug. I have said time and again that 800x600 is still used by 24% of the whole internet userbase. It just happens that developers are usually geeks, and geeks like toys. And so they buy big monitors and they forget about their real-life users.

To be safe wtih KDE/Gnome usage no window bigger than 720x500 should ever be created by default by any application that's not CAD or other high-end graphics app (this takes care of any given desktop with 64pix panel (or a 32+32 on top and bottom and on the sides) and a 25-30 pix window manager theme). So, 720x500 is a safe bet to support 800x600.

I suggest you file a bug wtih the K3B people, and if they won't listen, drop me an email.



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