Re: audioconvert! the new super script to convert audio files! would you like to include it?

On 05/08/05, James M. Cape <jcape ignore-your tv> wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 00:11 -0500, James M. Cape wrote:
> > I think a nautilus extension that gives a "Convert To" context menu item
> > to an image or audio file(s) would be pretty cool, myself. This script
> > doesn't do that (by virtue of it being a script), but that doesn't mean
> > format conversion w/i Nautilus is a bad idea.
> Actually, on further thought, having the conversion also accessible by
> simply renaming the files would be really slick. Imagine this excha.nge:
> "I can't play mp3s, [insert rant about patents here]. Do you have oggs?"
> "Sure, gimme a minute."
> (renames files to .ogg, clicks "Convert" on warning dialog)
> ...(a minute later)...
> "Here ya go..."

It might be more difficult to do batch renames, though?

Michel Salim 林智勇

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