Re: audioconvert! the new super script to convert audio files! would you like to include it?

Am Freitag, den 05.08.2005, 04:17 +0200 schrieb edoardo:
> recently i made a nautilus script that allows you to convert audio files 
> by right-clickin' on'em from nautilus.
> i was wonderin' if you guys might have wanted to include it in the next 
> official gnome release.

Though the script is probably useful for many people I believe that in
GNOME we have a general consensus that technical details should not be
exposed to the user, whenever possible. That also includes file formats
such as OGG, FLAC or mp3. If a requirement to convert a format does come
up (e.g. through hardware player constraints) the applications that
interface with this hardware should be fixed to automatically convert
the format accordingly, so that the user is not confronted with the
format at all.
Thus, I believe your script is a great enhancement, but it should not be
included in the GNOME default release for the above reasons.


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