audioconvert! the new super script to convert audio files! would you like to include it?

hi gals, hi dudes : )

this is my first post to the list, and i hope i'm postin' to the right one : )

recently i made a nautilus script that allows you to convert audio files by right-clickin' on'em from nautilus. that can be a single file, up to a large group of files.

the script asks you a few questions about whether you want to edit metatags or what quality or compression level you would like your output files. and then, it converts. as easy as that.

now a few checks are still missin', and i want to add a function that translates, say, id3tags into ogg tags. and i want to add support for aac files. but in its essence and in many of its functions, the script is there, and it's very usable.

i was wonderin' if you guys might have wanted to include it in the next official gnome release. as i've contributed into makin' a few gnome patches, and intend to keep doin' so, and bein' a proud owner of a copy of the gnome official developer's guide, it would be a true honour for me if a script that i made became part of the official gnome release!

think about it. it would make nautilus more multimediatic. like, a file browser which is able to convert audio files in a few clicks! wouldn't that be cool? i think it'd be super!

here's the freshmeat link. there's the latest version and a link to the savannah homepage. as you can see, in less then a month it's already become very popular, and i hope it'll keep bein' so!

well, i'll be waitin' for an answer from you guys. i *really* hope you accept it! : )

ciao! : )


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