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On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 22:43 -0400, Adam Skobel wrote:
> I was looking through the new features of gnome 2.12 and looking at
> gnome-about-me and looking to see how it could be used to make the
> gnome desktop better, and realized that its asking for some
> information it already knows and isn't asking other basic
> information...
> Basically, the two things its asking me that I don't see a reason for
> is my email addresses, which Evolution already knows, my instant
> messenger IDs, which Gaim knows (also it strikes me as a bit odd that
> gnome-about-me labels the AIM field as AIM/iChat, I've never seen it
> labeled with iChat before, since iChat is just a program which happens
> to also support Jabber, so that label is confusing and makes no
> sense).
Gaim doesn't use GConf or Evolution-Data-Server at all, this means that
there is no easy way to use the information that Gaim knows, if they
ever start to use GConf/EDS I will fix this issue.

> Another thing that struck me as odd on it is that it doesn't ask me
> for my name at all! The name is what would actually be useful
> information. An example of its use would be in gaim to automatically
> make my alias my name (just an idea, I'm sure you can see its
> usefulness).

Some distributions don't let the user change his/her name, I'm hoping
for the name to be setup correctly at user creation time while i figure
out some way of syncing the GECOS fields with gnome-about-me.

> -- Adam
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