I was looking through the new features of gnome 2.12 and looking at
gnome-about-me and looking to see how it could be used to make the
gnome desktop better, and realized that its asking for some
information it already knows and isn't asking other basic

Basically, the two things its asking me that I don't see a reason for
is my email addresses, which Evolution already knows, my instant
messenger IDs, which Gaim knows (also it strikes me as a bit odd that
gnome-about-me labels the AIM field as AIM/iChat, I've never seen it
labeled with iChat before, since iChat is just a program which happens
to also support Jabber, so that label is confusing and makes no

Another thing that struck me as odd on it is that it doesn't ask me
for my name at all! The name is what would actually be useful
information. An example of its use would be in gaim to automatically
make my alias my name (just an idea, I'm sure you can see its

-- Adam

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