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<quote who="John Williams">

> You are right to be a stat-cynic, if by that you mean that much published
> research and estimates of percentages are unreliable.
> If, however, you mean that the science of statistics is useless (as
> opposed to mis-used), I beg to differ.

No, I mean that the numbers we're going to get are not useful enough for
doing real stats work. It's going to involve a lot of fudging and so on.

> > I know I'm repeating myself, but here's what I think the only really
> > useful and sane strategy is: Put a link in the About GNOME box to a
> > "stand up and be counted" web page on wgo. Simple, effective, and you
> > don't even have to find the feature in your desktop (because it will be
> > exposed on the site too).
> Wouldn't it be more effective if it was in "About Me"?

No, because I almost guarantee that distros will gladly rip it out as an
irrelevant interruption (yes, even a tab with "HEY MAN TELL GNOME YOU LOVE
THEM!!!11" is an irrelevant interruption).

> Can we get ANY HARD DATA on assumption (2)?  Anyone lurking who works for
> a major distro?

I don't think I'd want it in such an inappropriate place in Ubuntu. I can't
think of a use case where telling GNOME we love them is a primary user goal
for this dialogue. I want to help GNOME through Ubuntu [1], but I wouldn't
want to do it in a blatant racing-car branding kind of way.

- Jeff


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