Re: gnome-about-me

John Williams wrote:

It will (hopefully) not "get in the user's way" in the sense of
interrupting or preventing them in performance of some task.

However if it doesn't "get in the user's way" in the sense of "get
noticed by the user", what use is it?

How about this: we try it in "About Me" (if, of course, that meets with
general approval) and release it.  If we then find that distros are
removing that functionality (major distros, so it would severely bias
our sample) then we move it to "About GNOME".  If, however, distros
leave it alone, we have no problem.

The potential upside for having this functionality in "About Me" is
huge, and the downside is negligible.  Does this make sense to others?
If it's not on by default there's no point in including it. So if we've decided that it can't be on by default, we should simply not include it at all. We can already get data at least as good from the debian/ubuntu popularity-contest package.


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