Re: gnome-about-me

Some of you may remember there was a flurry of email a while ago about
counting GNOME users.  Most ideas discussed can be found at

What would it take to add two checkboxes to the capplet:  

"Register me as a GNOME user!"


"Periodically confirm I am still an active GNOME user"

with appropriate Help and Tooltip entries to explain that "registering"
would mean sending a hash of your username and IP address to, and that "confirm" means to do the same every
month, year, <whatever>.

Previously the home for this functionality has been suggested as "About
GNOME", but it strikes me that the "About Me" capplet is much more
likely to be seen by a large proportion of users than the "About GNOME"
dialog.  An argument against putting it in "About Me" is that vendors
may modify "About Me" but are not likely to modify "About GNOME".


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John Williams
Research Analyst
Department of Marketing, Otago University

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