Re: gnome-about-me

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 15:13 -0700, Rob Adams wrote:

> If it's not on by default there's no point in including it. 
Many people (including me) would find "on by default" unethical.  Did
you read the page on about this?

>  So if we've 
> decided that it can't be on by default, we should simply not include it 
> at all.
I disagree.  We can go some way toward at least establishing a lower
bound on the number of GNOME users, and watch it climb over time ;-)

>   We can already get data at least as good from the debian/ubuntu 
> popularity-contest package.
This has already been discussed.  Again, have you read the background

Notwithstanding that, how will those data enable us to estimate the
number of GNOME users worldwide?  If we can do that already, I want to
know about it, otherwise I am wasting my time (and that of others) here.

John Williams
Research Analyst
Department of Marketing, Otago University

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