Re: gnome-about-me

> It will (hopefully) not "get in the user's way" in the sense of
> interrupting or preventing them in performance of some task.
> However if it doesn't "get in the user's way" in the sense of "get
> noticed by the user", what use is it?
> How about this: we try it in "About Me" (if, of course, that meets with
> general approval) and release it.  If we then find that distros are
> removing that functionality (major distros, so it would severely bias
> our sample) then we move it to "About GNOME".  If, however, distros
> leave it alone, we have no problem.
> The potential upside for having this functionality in "About Me" is
> huge, and the downside is negligible.  Does this make sense to others?

Has any thought been given to cooperating with Mozilla, other FOSS
browsers, KDE and Google on incorporating the name of the running desktop
in the user agent string (or something).

Having it as a check box or whatnot in "About Me" or "About GNOME" never
made much sense to me. Though I guess it's better than nothing.


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