Re: Using python + pygtk in Desktop modules (was Re: Revisitingthe Gnome Bindings)

> >   Mono can support Python through IronPython, but it has radically
> > different API than PyGTK, so that argument unfortunately doesn't apply.
> Do you mean that the implementation of PyGtk would be different, or that
> the PyGTK API would be different?

PyGTK only exists for the current Python (CPython) and will not run
under IronPython. However, from IronPython you can access the Gtk# API
and therefor create Gtk+ Python. 
The APIs of Gtk# and PyGTK are rather different and thus not compatible.
If there is a demand a basic compatibility layer can probably be written
for either of them.

Johan Dahlin <johan gnome org>

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