Re: Opening remote files in GNOME (was Re: Announcing gnomevfs-mount 0.0.1 (very first version).)

Il giorno mer, 06-10-2004 alle 16:13 +0200, Mikael Hallendal ha scritto:
> > 
> > Nope, at the moment gedit uses gnome-vfs ony for reading.
> > Switching gedit to gnome-vfs for writing is not an easy task but, time
> > permitting, we'll give it a try in 2.9... This will also have to deal
> > with how many problems in gnome-vfs itself will turn up.
> Oh, sorry, I was under the impression that it's been using GnomeVFS all 
> the time. Why do you expect there to be problems using GnomeVFS for writing?

My main concern is testing: we have to make sure to not introduce
regressions, since an editor which can't save file is not of much value.
The fact that gnome-vfs has N backends and that some of them are very
little used is a bit scary.

For what it concerns gnome-vfs what I fear most is untested codepaths:
we already hit problems in reading from time to time and since (as this
thread is discussing) there are really few apps who fully adopt
gnome-vfs for writing I think we'll probably hit some bugs along the

For what it concerns gedit itself, the problem is that such a change is
pretty big and touches many parts of the code, beside once we rework
file writing we'll probably have to fix also with other problems
orthogonal to gnome-vfs, for instance the fact that the current way of
saving file doesn't work well in strarnge permission situations as file
writable but directory not writable etc.


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