Re: Polypaudio for Gnome 2.10, the next steps

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 14:00:19 -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> Right; but we have to nuke all of the esound usage from GNOME first.
> The major user is libgnome.  It provides this API:
> int gnome_sound_connection_get (void);
> This one is not replacable with GStreamer.  We have to change every user
> of this function in GNOME.

Sure, but you can't remove this function from libgnome, that'd be against
the interface stability rules. It's a shame it's exposed in the API
like this but live and learn.

esound or something that emulates it like Polypaudio will have to
be shipped as a deprecated legacy API until the next GNOME compatibility
break, if that ever happens (no real reason to ever stop supporting the
esound API, it's not that big).

thanks -mike

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