Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

Today at 17:46, Alan Cox wrote:

> On Maw, 2004-11-02 at 00:27, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>> You don't know libsamplerate, do you? libsamplerate provides multiple
>> resampling implementations. While all are fp, one does probably more
>> or less in fp what esd does in integer. (I haven't looked at the
>> resampling code of esound, I must admit, but it probably isn't much
>> worse than libsamplerate's SRC_ZERO_ORDER_HOLD.)
> In floating point they are *useless* on many platforms. You are talking
> 500 times slower than integer or worse if they are trapping to emulation
> of FPU units.

I see the point Alan is trying to make, but is this relevant for Gnome
adoption?  I mean, on what machines is Gnome (especially 2.10)
actually usable which are not equipped with a FPU?  

(Honest, I don't know, not trying to pick anybody up.  I just had the
impression that Gnome mostly ran on machines where FPU is a standard,
but I never actually put any thought into it.)


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