Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

On Mon, 01.11.04 23:14, Alan Cox (alan lxorguk ukuu org uk) wrote:

> A lot of non-x86 boxes have very poor or no FP. Low power x86 boxes like
> the VIA also lack the horsepower for FPU based resamplers. Really you
> want stuff like 3Dnow/SSE floating point FFT routines, integer handlers
> and the like. 
> It would however be "no worse" than esd if you simply took esd's
> 'resampler' for the integer option for now.

You don't know libsamplerate, do you? libsamplerate provides multiple
resampling implementations. While all are fp, one does probably more
or less in fp what esd does in integer. (I haven't looked at the
resampling code of esound, I must admit, but it probably isn't much
worse than libsamplerate's SRC_ZERO_ORDER_HOLD.)

See for more


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