Re: GNOME Printing

On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 03:06, James Henstridge wrote:

> How well does this handle remote printers? 

Very well; handling this case was basically the major design goal.

> This is quite a common situation in larger deployments, and for laptops 
> (just install CUPS, and you can print to whatever printer is on the 
> network you are currently connected to).  Does your code simply not 
> provide a notification in this case, or appear as a print job that never 
> completes?

Nether.  eggcups now tracks the job as it moves from the local queue to
the remote printer.  

The way things are typically set up now, a job is submitted to the local
cupsd, which immediately forwards it on to the remote server via IPP. 
Our D-BUS patch for cupsd has it send back the remote jobid, which
causes eggcups to begin polling that job on the remote printer.

Local jobs are treated basically the same as remote jobs are.

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