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On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 10:36, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Sean Middleditch">
> > Please check out gnome-cups-manager and gnome-system-tools.  These
> > together provide all of the below, and iirc both are already proposed for
> > inclusion in GNOME 2.8.
> gnome-cups-manager has not been proposed yet.
> Jody?

We'd planned to announce this soon, but Matthias Clasen and I have been
hacking on printing for the last two or three weeks.  We've got a lot

After talking with Seth, we decided that the best user interface for
printing was to have a single icon that a user could click on and see
all their print jobs, pending and complete.

Red Hat has been shipping a little icon called "eggcups" in Fedora that
catches a D-BUS signal from the (patched) local cupsd, and causes a
notification icon to display.  When you click on it, it shows the
printer browser.

We decided that instead, it should show a list of your print jobs.  Our
approach was to extend the D-BUS patch for cupsd a lot, and give the
system enough information to track user jobs.  This also entailed
basically rewriting eggcups from scratch.

It all basically works now - you can start a job, and the icon appears. 
When all your active jobs are complete, the icon greys out.

We'd really like to get eggcups integrated upstream.  We looked closely
at gnome-cups-manager, and gnome-cups-icon, but their approach is
fundamentally different (multiple icons for different printers, no user
job list, etc).

However, this does depend on a patched cupsd to work properly.  One
thing I've been thinking about doing is hacking libgnomeprint to send a
Bonobo message to eggcups to tell it about jobs queued via
libgnomeprint, so notification at least works for GNOME applications.

Our next step has been rewriting libgnomeprint's cups module to use
libgnomecups, and integrating printer status feedback into the print
dialog itself.  This is basically complete, but the patch is a bit ugly.

You can see a screenshot of our initial work on the dialog here:

We plan to rework it significantly though, but at least the notification
core works.

Oh, and we've been hacking on our rewritten eggcups icon in Arch; 
Matthias' branch (which has the latest work at the moment) is at
mclasen redhat com--2004/eggcups--main--0
(The current location of which is

My branch is: walters redhat com--2004/eggcups--main--0
Currently at:

You need the D-BUS patch to make it go at the moment.

Again, I think it'd be great to get this stuff into GNOME 2.8.  It's
really need to see it working now, but it does need more cleanup.

Comments welcome!

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