Re: Lock'n'load! [Was: Integrating system tools in GNOME]

> That GST is unable to configure eXceed X server does not mean users
> cannot use gnome, it just means they'll probably get an "Unsupported =)"
> dialog box if they try to use the X GST tool.  Other users which will
> get that kind of messagebox would be remote terminal users, evidently. 
> Unless they give the root password perhaps.
Well, even with local X server - root password is a must for system-wide
settings IMNSHO.
> > BTW, we should still remember about these poor people who do not have
> > xkb at all in their X servers - or, which is worse, have it broken. The
> > solution should be scalable to these situations as well.
> ... ?
Will they get this "unsupported" bark as well?



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