Re: Lock'n'load! [Was: Integrating system tools in GNOME]

El mié, 09-06-2004 a las 15:34, Sergey V. Udaltsov escribió:
>  Just to clarify - do you agree that user NEEDS root password in
> to change default settings? 


> So here we go to some architectural problem which I do not know how to
> resolve properly. System-wide settings are managed by g-sys-tools (well,
> suppose for a second, someone adds "Keyboard" part to it). And the user
> keyboard configuration is now in g-k-p (probably should go to i18n
> capplet). They are different, absolutely unrelated pieces of code (and
> pieces of UI - which is more important in this context). What would be
> the right way to "merge" them?

Make gkp pick up the default XKB settings.  Make gkp *show* it.  Make
gkp let the user return to the default settings.

This is closely related to locale settings.  GST should let the
administrator define the default locale settings, while there should be
a user app that allows the user to change languages and stuff.

Both gkp and (gnome-language-properties?) should have a "System" or
"Advanced" or "Default system settings" that pop up the appropriate
G-S-T frontend, and should have a conspicuous notice that changing
settings there won't change everyone else's settings.

While there's no need to merge them, they should be integrated, and take
each other into account.

> > Shouldn't the GNOME system tools account for different X server
> > configuration types?
> I thought so...
> Cheers,
> Sergey
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