Re: Lock'n'load! [Was: Integrating system tools in GNOME]

> Run a poll and have 30 people participate, in which you ask them how
> frequently they change their keyboard layouts.
> Over here, it's 0/30.
> Try not to have "selection bias" in your sample.
:) OK. That's some statistics at least:) Just to clarify the selection
details: How many of them use languages other than native? How many of
them share computer with someone speaking different languages?

> My point wasn't to discuss this.  I meant to highlight that (if you'd
> like to call it, DEFAULT) keyboard layout is definitely a system
> setting, but that it should be also user-configurable so users don't
> need the root password to change it.
OK. That makes perfect sense. There is system-wide default (in
XF86Config) - and there is user setting. I am 101% happy with it. Till
hat point I did not touch default settings, I only worked on per-user
basis. Just to clarify - do you agree that user NEEDS root password in
to change default settings? 

So here we go to some architectural problem which I do not know how to
resolve properly. System-wide settings are managed by g-sys-tools (well,
suppose for a second, someone adds "Keyboard" part to it). And the user
keyboard configuration is now in g-k-p (probably should go to i18n
capplet). They are different, absolutely unrelated pieces of code (and
pieces of UI - which is more important in this context). What would be
the right way to "merge" them?

> Shouldn't the GNOME system tools account for different X server
> configuration types?
I thought so...



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