Re: SVG (at least for icons) [Was: Industrial as default theme?]

Rodney Dawes wrote:
Personally, I would much rather just see gnome-icon-theme get have SVGs
as well. Then we can get rid of the PNG files, and gnome-icon-theme
would be MUCH smaller for people to download, and we can keep the same
neutral default style. The Industrial folder icons are good examples of
SVG icons. The only thing that really annoys me in gnome-icon-theme, in
terms of visuals, is the trash icon. It just doesn't match the coloring
or style of the rest of the theme.

I wouldn't mind helping with "porting" some of the icons to SVG. The thing is that while many/most of the icons are stylistically simple (as is the rest of the theme), many (especially mime types) are very detailed. The SVG theme would resemble the PNG theme closely colourwise and stylewise, but would look simpler, as Jeff suggested is practical for SVG themes. Many of the mime types would suffer from this. I don't know that trying to supplement this theme with SVG icons would be beneficial to this existing theme. The original artists did such a good job.


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