Re: SVG (at least for icons) [Was: Industrial as default theme?]

Jeff Waugh wrote:
I don't think I've seen a simple, one-size-fits-all SVG icon theme. Most of
them are quirky or over-stylised, which are fine things if you're making a
conscious decision, but not so great for a sensible default theme. Could you
point out some SVG icon themes that would be appropriate to choose as the

Agreed here wrt existing icon themes, I think a good deal of them work as good prototypes however. I think we have yet to see an svg icon theme that could be considered a "good default" for the majority of users.

I just think we should just be cognizant of SVG themes and at least look into its benefits and drawbacks, for better or worse, especially considering the way-cool and stuff coming down the pipe regarding the technology.



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