Re: GTK+ (Was: Evolution 2.0 and GNOME 2.6)

> On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 01:20, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> > > ...a cleaner, faster GTK
> >
> > *cough*
> Unless you can disprove this fact, I would strongly advise you to stop
> sending e-mails to this list. It's really getting old.

I find GTK+ slower than Qt, yes, and also the overall "speed experience" is
much worse than OSX's and XP's (especially the 2.x series). I have talked
about this in the past but all we get from Owen in the bugzilla is "show me
benchmarks" and "prove it with some code", which obviously doesn't help
normal users (non-programmers) to explain the slowness. I have used GTK+ on
a variety of distros and OSes, on a variety of hardware with the same
result: slowness (comperatively of course), ugly redraws etc. I don't need a
benchmark to prove that the GTK+ application experience *feels* slower than
the competition's: I have my eyes for that (for example, when I right-click
on galeon or abiword or *any* other heavy gtk app I can visibly see the
popup context menu coming up and *then* populating its entries with text -- 
that's just plain ugly).

I did use the latest GTK+ beta on Fedora (athlonxp 1.4 Ghz) and seen almost
no notable speedups and changes in the way it handles redraws etc.

So yeah, you can call that flamebait all you want, but what I am really
mentioning here are real problems. I guess it is the choice of the
developers to completely ignore these problems, or fix them (sorry, but I
can't help with the code on stuff like X or GTK+). That's called "user
feedback" in my book. I wish I could help more with this, but I really
can't, as I don't have experience with X programming. I honestly wish I
could help further with this issue.

The reason I didn't mention all that in the email you are referencing is
because I have already spoke about it on my articles and elsewhere.

> (Between that kind of gratuitous flamebait, and the fact that use
> Outlook to send e-mails asking to have Evolution in the release...)

My mail archives live on XP and so I mostly email through OE, however that
doesn't mean that I don't use BeMail when I am on BeOS, Mail when I am on
MacOSX and Evolution when using Unix or Linux. I am not a Linux-only girl,
neither an XP-only one, you know.


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