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Hi Reinout,

Reinout van Schouwen wrote:

Hi Oliver,

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Oliver Braun wrote:
(in fact on good old OS/2 a print menu item that did its work in the
background without a window was kind of a "must have").

I've been a long time OS/2 user, but don't vividly recall a Print context
menu item (which is not to say it wasn't there). I *do* recall however
that the WPS has a Printer object on the desktop where one could drag
arbitrary files to, and the right program would be invoked in the
background to print it. *That* is something I'd really really like to see
in GNOME, and which - I hope - could be possible with a bit of CUPS
I am pretty sure that nearly every app that supported the d&d had also a print context menu entry, but your are probably right saying that the d&d thing was the *real* "must have" on OS/2.

dynamic content (which could be music or video as well) and there should
be 'Edit' and 'Edit with' in the context menu, but this is a more
radical move.

Separate Open / Edit menu items were discussed on the before, and IIRC the
consensus was that this isn't desirable (correct me if I'm wrong).

I also think that "Open for viewing" and "Open for viewing and/or editing"
is somewhat of an artificial separation that the user shouldn't be
bothered with.

I have to check the archives before I can comment on this further - I recently hadn't much time to follow the dicussions here briefly.

know from app names in the 'Open with' list which app is a viewer and
which app is an editor.

Agreed, of course.

At least we have user requests for it.

Well, how about making 'Show' the default double-click action?
After all that's what we do with audio files, we're not associating
audacity (or some other editing app, whatever) as default action.
But then we'll need an "edit" menu item or we would leave the user alone with an app in full screen mode and without any visible buttons.

Kind regards,

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