Re: Proposed: monkey-bubble

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 10:43, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Hey,
> 	I've just taken a poke at this. I like it ... it looks like it would be
> a nice addition to the desktop.
> 	I know Callum doesn't want to take this in gnome-games[1] but I don't
> have any problem with this being included in its own tarball. While
> something is in active development like this, it seems much more
> sensible for it to be separate and solely under the maintainership of
> its authors.
> 	Some comments for the authors:
>   + First and foremost, you've got to do something about the bubble    
>     colours ! :-) Being quite badly colour blind, I totally suck at
>     the game because its very hard to distinguish between 
>     bubble_05/bubble_07 and bubble_02/bubble_08. Possibly using stripes
>     or spots on some of the bubbles might help.
olivier (the man behind monkey bubble's graphism ) is working on that
>   + You should have defaults for the controls - you shouldn't require
>     every user to configure the controls before playing. I'd go for
>     "left", "space", "right" for player one and "z", "x", "c" for player
>     two, or something.
>   + You should really use eggaccelerators.[ch] for the controls 
>     preferences, and the UI should probably something very like the
>     keybindings capplet (see gnome-control-center/capplets/keybindings).
>     This is something you should aim to have done before 2.6 as well,
>     because we really don't want to be changing gconf keys after the
>     release.
done. but i needed to patch eggcellkeyrender to be able to assign
Left,Right,Up,Down keys
>   + You should have accelerators for "New Game", "Pause Game" etc.
>   + I think you shouldn't have both a "Pause Game" and "Resume Game"
>     menu item. Use a single menu item and change the text depending
>     on whether the game is paused. Possibly it should be a toggle
>     menu item. Consult the HIG.
>   + I don't that we need "Stop Game" at all, but you should definitely
>     be able to start a new game without explicitly stopping the game.
>   + High scores ?
Where can i store the score ? 
>   + It is utterly essential that you have some wacky little easter egg.
>   + It seems to require GStreamer 0.6. The GStreamer version that's
>     going into 2.6 is 0.7. monkey-bubble needs to use 0.7.
need to check out it or find a deb package
>   + The sound support seems to be still in development (it looks
>     for sounds in /home/lolo). It probably makes sense to only
>     build this with --enable-sounds so that there is no GStreamer
>     dependency until its finished.
>   + Some of the code infringes on the Gdk and Gst namespaces. Not
>     a huge deal, but if e.g. a GdkCanvas was added to gtk+ 2.6
>     this version of monkey-bubble would be unusable with that
>     version of gtk+. I'd do a s/GstAudio/MonkeyAudio/ and a   
>     s/GdkCanvas/MonkeyCanvas/ and a s/GdkView/MonkeyView/
>   + Have you looked at FooCanvas? It might be more suitable for you
>     than your own canvas implementation.
> Cheers,
> Mark.
> [1] - Totally understand that ... the motivation sounds very similar to
> my reluctance to add netstatus to gnome-applets.
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