Re: Unnecessary markup

Making a GNOME compendium of translated strings should be easier if we
can avoid excessive markup, or even filter it throught other tool.
Fixing glade is a more correct approach, but not trivial.

El dom, 11-01-2004 a las 21:09, Christian Rose escribiˇ:
> s÷n 2004-01-11 klockan 16.14 skrev Francisco J. F. Serrador:
> > We must insist to the developers to avoid including tagged strings like 
> > <p>Properties</p> and the like. These strings multiply our work in an
> > innecessary way.
> Yes, and if you see it in C code, please file a bug in Bugzilla right
> away. See
> for lots of pointers on why having markup directly in translatable messages is almost always an extremely bad idea.
> However, in my experience most remaining cases are in Glade stuff, and
> unfortunately this appears to be not trivially solved in Glade (see
> If I'd only had the
> money for it, this bug alone would be worth *so* many bounties. It's
> been a major pain for GNOME translators for several years now, and this
> pain still increasing with each day, as developers decide to switch to
> Glade or do new interfaces using Glade.
> Christian
Francisco J. F. Serrador
<franciscojavier fernandez serrador hispalinux es>

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