Re: Translations of folder names - two proposals

On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 14:55 +0200, Kalle Vahlman wrote:

> You really are suggesting that the Desktop should integrate with
> applications and not the other way around?
> If the answer is "yes", I shall stare blankly at you in disbelief.

No the desktop should use FDO so that apps merely have to integrate with
that rather than X different desktops.


> I really don't see how the "big picture" will suffer form a fixed
> location for certain things, accessible by anything when compared to
> some hacky systems that work either in one environment (gconf) or are
> screwed if an aspect of the system changes (locale).

FDO wise we would want to have an FDO lib that hides the actual
implementation. Having a gnome lib instead is counter productive. We can
create a provisional FDO lib today and have it ratified by FDO later
where the actual implementation can be changed (but not the API). 

Having a ubiquitous FDO lib makes it easier for non-gnome apps to
integrate and the easier we make it the more likely they will. Also how
its implemented then becomes irrelevant to us (do we really wanna know
or care?). 

> > > I personally think that the GUI should abstract the filesystem
> > > completely from the users view ($HOME is also crap when exposed in the
> > > GUI)
> > Not even OS/X does that!
> Really? Well that's out of the question then, huh?

No but it reinforces the view that its unfeasible currently.

> > We should aim to hide away the filesystem more
> > subtly as we are currently doing.
> Sorry, don't agree. Kick the bloody thing out of my desktop and I'll
> be happy as a very happy thing with smile on its face.

Well the filechooser achieves it well enough in my opinion - the file
system is still accessible by those who need it but its not in yer face
so ordinary users dont have to.

> God I wish the metadata systems would rush in to the scene...

vFolders would be very nice. It all depends on whether Medusa is gonna
get some development...


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