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På Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 12:43:52AM +0100, Markus Bertheau skrev:
> ?? ??????, 05/12/2004 ?? 00:28 +0100, Samuel Abels ??????????:
> > Also, remember that some
> > fonts do not have "bold".

> That's a problem of these fonts and maybe distributions should not ship
> such fonts. Fonts the user added don't count - if they don't have bold,
> then the window title will just not be bold.

Do you know anything about typography? I guess not.

Not having a 'bold' version is not a problem (as you put it); it's purely a
design matter.

  <quote who="Robert Bringhurst" where="The Elements of Typographic Style">

    "Bold and condensed faces became a fashion in the nineteenth century,
    partially displacing italics and small caps. Bold weights and sets of
    titling figures have been added retroactively to many earlier faces,
    though they lack any historical justification."


Note that bold face is not a boolean font property, although many computers
may treat them as such. Most professional fonts ship in different weights.
"Bold face" is just one of these.

Why would one want a bold title bar? Most characters will be too wide and
too ugly. Bold is a replacement for italics (also note that italics !=
slanted), but the use remains the same: emphasize certain portions of the
text. So, why would one want to emphasize the title bar?

  mvrgr, Wouter

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