Preferences in Yelp?!

Those who run bleeding-edge Gnome may have noticed that Yelp has a
preferences dialog.  See, despite all the slashdot flamery for not
giving users more options, nobody ever flamed me for not having any
preferences in Yelp.  I figured maybe I could get in on this flaming
action if I *added* some preferences.

Anyway, I don't really want to have a preferences dialog.  But I need
some global settings to get rid of it.  The man page flamery is quite
enough for me.

The dialog has two preferences for font settings, one for variable width
and one for fixed width.  People really do want to use a different font
for viewing long documents than for menu items and buttons.  But there's
no reason it has to be Yelp/DevHelp/Evolution/Epiphany-specific.  Could
we add a 'Document font' option to gnome-font-properties?  And while
we're in there, could we s/Terminal/Monospace/?

There's also a preference for caret browsing.  The Moz approach has been
to have a hidden keybinding (F7) that turns this on and off.  I really
hate hidden keybindings.  (Although, Yelp has some.  See if you can find
them!)  Again, this seems like something that should be a global a11y
setting.  Then any reader application (Yelp, Epiphany, Evolution) could
use it.


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