Re: Preferences in Yelp?!

Il giorno ven, 03-12-2004 alle 17:31 -0600, Shaun McCance ha scritto:

> for viewing long documents than for menu items and buttons.  But there's
> no reason it has to be Yelp/DevHelp/Evolution/Epiphany-specific. 

BTW 'cause we are now using Mozilla/Gecko as demi-default HTML rendering
engine in GNOME Desktop[1], could we provide an unified gnome-mozilla
wrapper module? 

Something like gecko-sharp, so if a developer needs HTML rendering in an
application with GNOME 2.xx as target, he/she don't have to check for
the proper mozilla trunk/version and or ABI/API compatibility.

Is it reasonable? Maybe the same approach for certificate management?

My doubt is: what will happen if Yelp developers choose to switch to
mozilla-1.8 while Epiphany developers still love and depend on

[1] Yelp and Ephy use it. Evo uses gtkhtml just because it needs HTML
editing, but I remember some plan to switch to.

Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it>

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