Re: Preferences in Yelp?!

> The dialog has two preferences for font settings, one for variable width
> and one for fixed width.  People really do want to use a different font
> for viewing long documents than for menu items and buttons.  But there's
> no reason it has to be Yelp/DevHelp/Evolution/Epiphany-specific.  Could
> we add a 'Document font' option to gnome-font-properties?  And while
> we're in there, could we s/Terminal/Monospace/?

I like the idea in general, though note that epiphany currently allow to
set Variable/Fixed width font _per language_. Christian or i18n guys can
probably comment better than me on the usefulness of such feature.

> There's also a preference for caret browsing.  The Moz approach has been
> to have a hidden keybinding (F7) that turns this on and off.  I really
> hate hidden keybindings.  (Although, Yelp has some.  See if you can find
> them!)  Again, this seems like something that should be a global a11y
> setting.  Then any reader application (Yelp, Epiphany, Evolution) could
> use it.


Calum comments about this on:


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