Re: bonobo activation environment matching and DISPLAY

The sentiments below make a lot of sense to me. What we ended up doing is using the "old API" and doing our own canonicalization (but poking the result into a "private" req_env string to avoid undesired side-effects)>

Do we need gdk_display_name_canonical (gchar *display_name) ?

[It still wouldn't solve all the issues, as it would require a gtk+ dependency on all clients of the api, but it would help in a number of places].

- Bill

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Tue, 2004-08-24 at 14:17, Mark McLoughlin wrote:

	I think there are few problems here:

- The $DISPLAY in the environment isn't canonicalised so comparing semantically identical $DISPLAY in different process might not match.

- The $DISPLAY in the environment doesn't necessarily reflect the actual display being used - think about --display and --screen.

- Merely keying of the $DISPLAY in the environment is not necessarily always what you want - e.g. if you want per-screen instead of per-display or vice-versa

	So, the old API wasn't perfect - but there were reasons for it. I think
the main thing we were missing was an easy way of setting DISPLAY with a
canonicalised value without or without the screen number.

And display canonicalization is very important. Without it you can
easily end up with forkbomb loops.

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