GNOME Milestone: "2.8.0"


The GNOME Milestone field in bugzilla now has a "2.8.0" version. If you
see or know of a bug which should be fixed by 2.8.0 from a whole-project
perspective (ie. nautilus crashes to be unusable with setup y, or X
doesn't work at all, etc.) please set the GNOME Milestone to be 2.8.0. 

This is orthogonal to product milestones, which are managed by
maintainers: for the GNOME Milestone the buck stops with the release

The release team and senior bugsquad members will be making an
assessment of the importance of bugs with the 2.8.0 GNOME Milestone and
may nag maintainers relentlessly to fix by 2.8.0, punt to a 2.8.x
release or move bugs off that milestone completely as we feel
appropriate. Nevertheless, feel free to apply this milestone to bugs
that you feel require it to raise their visibility.



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