Color Calibration

Every time themes are discussed, there are always N people who say
"Theme <x> sucks because it's way too (dark/light)".  I've always
suspected a large portion of this is simply because people don't set the
gamma correction on their displays to something reasonable -- but it's
hard to blame them, because setting up your display properly in
X11/Gnome isn't terribly easy, or even well-documented.

So I've created a program that steps you through setting up your display
properly, setting the gamma correction, and maintaining multiple color
profiles.  It's similar to what the Displays control panel on a Mac
does, for example.

It's a standalone Python program right now, but I designed it to look
and act like a control-center preferences window.  I'd love to see this
(or something similar) be part of Gnome.  If other people thought it was
useful, I could do some legwork to get it into gnome-control-center. 
(But I don't know what would need to be done -- port it to C?)

What do you think?

(This seemed to be the most appropriate mailing list.  If this is the
wrong place, just let me know and I'll take it elsewhere.  Thanks.)

- Ken

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