Re: Color Calibration

On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 23:12, Ken Harris wrote:
> Every time themes are discussed, there are always N people who say
> "Theme <x> sucks because it's way too (dark/light)".  I've always
> suspected a large portion of this is simply because people don't set the
> gamma correction on their displays to something reasonable -- but it's
> hard to blame them, because setting up your display properly in
> X11/Gnome isn't terribly easy, or even well-documented.

Good point - I also had my doubts about these objections on themes, but
couldn't figure out what my problem with them was :)

> So I've created a program that steps you through setting up your display
> properly, setting the gamma correction, and maintaining multiple color
> profiles.  It's similar to what the Displays control panel on a Mac
> does, for example.

Trying this atm.  I only have a very passive knowledge about color
calibration. I have a laptop, and I don't see an obvious way to adjust
the contrast.  Does this mean I can't even use the calibrator, or that I
should just proceed as if my contrast is set to maximum ?

In the next dialog, the sliders, I'd add up/down arrows as well for
finetuning.  It seems to me that the point where the foots are supposed
to be blending in are hard to get to.

Finally, after completing the steps, my whole desktop looks very
different :) It'll take some time getting used to.  I might not feel
I've done it correctly.  Luckily you create the None profile by default,
which allows me to go back easily, earning you bonus points.

So, to sum up:
- looks to me like you've done a good job at making this easy to follow
without having to have the user know what he's doing behind the scenes
- looks to me like a configuration dialog that helps people do the right
thing for their visuals (where "the right thing" is decided by someone
who knows his stuff and then translates it to a mechanism that can be
followed by someone who doesn't) is always a good thing.  (I'm thinking
about doing something similar for audio levels).
- I think you should work on this some more and target it for 2.10.


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