Re: Color Calibration

Thanks for all the positive and constructive feedback!  Some responses:

- Ross Burton's program -- interesting.  I hadn't heard of this.  It
does some things better, and some things worse.  Ross has already
contacted me, and hopefully we can work together to use the best
features of both programs.

- Inappropriate for the control center -- I disagree.  But I agree we
don't want to scare users with geeky preferences they don't know or care
about, so I've tried hard to make this as straightforward as possible. 
When I get the interface finished (merged into Control Center), you can
all tell me how well I succeeded at this.  :-)

- On a laptop, there's no contrast control -- hmm, good question.  My
guess would be "yes, assume it's at max contrast already".  The
references I came across seemed to say that you should generally always
run at max contrast; besides, if that's the only contrast you have, I
guess it's the maximum.  (I'll add a note.)

- "It looks really different..." -- Yeah, I was afraid of this.  An
early version of my program had a "Hey, what's with my display?" button
that popped up a window explaining why it's different, with a link to
the photo-of-the-week archive (which has a lot of good photos
for judging the range of colors/grays you can distinguish).  Maybe I'll
put that back in.

- Need finer tuning on the sliders -- sounds reasonable.  I'll see what
I can come up with.

I've posted version 0.2 on my webpage.  It's identical to version 0.1,
except it's in C instead of Python.  (For the next version, I'm working
on making it handle multiple displays.)

Thanks again.

- Ken

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