Re: default theme consensus

tor, 19,.08.2004 kl. 11.49 +0100, skrev Alan Cox:
> On Iau, 2004-08-19 at 02:21, Ryan McDougall wrote:
> > Can I nominate *you* to make the final call then? No matter what the
> > call is there'll be someone not perfectly content, but maybe a mail from
> > "" will be impressive enough to attain the *proper* kind of
> > consensus.
> So we should all shout "Bluecurve" for you ?
> Actually I'd second Shaun's comment - not changing it so that all the
> documentation still looks the same as the default gnome theme.
Yeah, I agree that this is much too late to be changing the look of what
is shown in practically *every* screenshot in the docs.

Can we discuss Seth's proposal and make sure we agree on a new theme for
the next release instead?


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