Re: default theme consensus

On Wed, 2004-18-08 at 03:12 -0400, Seth Nickell wrote:

> If people really feel we need a theme change NOW, I would still
> suggest we do the work to use Industrial. I'm willing to do the
> gnome-themes work as my penance for failing to perform any of my
> maintenance duty for the module in the past year :-P ).

Denis Cranston said:
Patch in bugzilla report #150418 has been approved.  I applied the patch
to cvs HEAD. 

Glider has been committed as default. Are you willing to revert the
change and take over ownership of an industrial based theme? If not
Shaun's team needs to get busy, so please let them/us know ASAP. If not
I move "Too little/Too late", and keep Glider.

We need better decision making, but I disagree with Mark. The buck needs
to stop with *someone*. Thats why we have maintainers/managers. 

> -Seth


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