Re: (No default theme change please) Re: default theme consensus

On 13/08/04 09:17, Murray Cumming wrote:

Because indu[b|s]trial (I never heard of glider before) does not yet work
properly with many applications that subclass GtkMenuItems (Applications
built with language bindings. Also gossip, and others, I think), I request
that we do not make this change. And if we had already made the change, I
would be asking for us to revert it now rather than when it's too late to
revert it to correct the regression.

I am guilty of not spending time to fix this GTK+ problem myself.

I have no opinion on the prettiness/suitability of the theme itself.
How many language bindings does this actually effect, out of interest? I've never noticed these problems with the Python bindings, for instance. Is it something that can be fixed or worked around in the language binding? It'd be good to get a concrete figure on how many apps this affects, rather than vague statements that it breaks some applications.

As I understand it, the problem is that the theme applies styles to widgets with particular class names. If an app uses subclasses of those widgets, then those styles won't be applied. This appears to be a problem that is present in many distributors default themes (eg. Industrial, Bluecurve, etc), so many people are already using a theme with this problem. So using Indubstrial as the default theme won't be any worse than what these people are already using.

[on a side note, it'd be interesting to know how many bug reports distributors get about this problem w.r.t. those themes].

I do think that this bug should be fixed, but I don't agree that it needs to be fixed at the GTK level for Gnome 2.8. While we don't have a correct fix yet, one option would be to alter Indubstrial to also apply the same styles to the widget class names that gtkmm and Gossip use (does this sound doable with gtkmm?). In a future version of Gnome where the gtkrc file format is extended to handle this problem, the hacks could then be removed.


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