Re: (No default theme change please) Re: default theme consensus

> On 13/08/04 09:17, Murray Cumming wrote:
>>Because indu[b|s]trial (I never heard of glider before) does not yet work
>>properly with many applications that subclass GtkMenuItems (Applications
>>built with language bindings. Also gossip, and others, I think), I
>> request
>>that we do not make this change. And if we had already made the change, I
>>would be asking for us to revert it now rather than when it's too late to
>>revert it to correct the regression.
>>I am guilty of not spending time to fix this GTK+ problem myself.
>>I have no opinion on the prettiness/suitability of the theme itself.
> How many language bindings does this actually effect, out of interest?

gtkmm and Gtk# at least.

> I've never noticed these problems with the Python bindings, for
> instance.

I vaguely remember Johann saying that it was a problem with pygtk as well,
but I could be wrong.

It's not a catastrophic bug when you get it, but people do seem to notice
the UI difference.

>  Is it something that can be fixed or worked around in the
> language binding?

Here's the bug:

I get the idea that it's fixable in GTK+.

> It'd be good to get a concrete figure on how many
> apps this affects, rather than vague statements that it breaks some
> applications.

I think it affects at least every single gtkmm or Gtk# application that
has menus. I think gossip has the same problem, because it subclasses in

> As I understand it, the problem is that the theme applies styles to
> widgets with particular class names.  If an app uses subclasses of those
> widgets, then those styles won't be applied.  This appears to be a
> problem that is present in many distributors default themes (eg.
> Industrial, Bluecurve, etc), so many people are already using a theme
> with this problem.  So using Indubstrial as the default theme won't be
> any worse than what these people are already using.

I don't _think_ Bluecurve has the problem (I'm not sure why), so we didn't
hear about it so much.

> [on a side note, it'd be interesting to know how many bug reports
> distributors get about this problem w.r.t. those themes].

Most major GNOME apps don't use the bindings, so they are unlikely to get
a lot of reports.

> I do think that this bug should be fixed, but I don't agree that it
> needs to be fixed at the GTK level for Gnome 2.8.  While we don't have a
> correct fix yet, one option would be to alter Indubstrial to also apply
> the same styles to the widget class names that gtkmm and Gossip use
> (does this sound doable with gtkmm?).  In a future version of Gnome
> where the gtkrc file format is extended to handle this problem, the
> hacks could then be removed.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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