Re: new modules consensus

>> We need to make it clear to distros that we expect them to work on one
>> set
>> of system tools [1]. GNOME publishes source code for distros to
>> integrate
>> - so by publishing this we are encouraging them to integrate it properly
>> into their distros. In the best case, I expect it to be another year or
>> so
>> until a mainstream non-debian distro actually ships it instead of their
>> own gizmos, but that's better than what we get otherwise. We've delayed
>> enough.
> I think you are dreaming if you expect distributions to throw their code
> in favor of g-s-t..

It's not going to happen overnight. But if g-s-t ends up doing everthing
that they want (and I don't think any distro's system tools do everything
that the distros want now) then, yes, I would expect them to ditch their
own code. I imagine that distros waste a lot of resources on coding and
supporting these funky things, and I imagine that they'd rather share the

We might not be successful, but it's worth trying, and I think people
expect us to try.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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