(No default theme change please) Re: default theme consensus

Because indu[b|s]trial (I never heard of glider before) does not yet work
properly with many applications that subclass GtkMenuItems (Applications
built with language bindings. Also gossip, and others, I think), I request
that we do not make this change. And if we had already made the change, I
would be asking for us to revert it now rather than when it's too late to
revert it to correct the regression.

I am guilty of not spending time to fix this GTK+ problem myself.

I have no opinion on the prettiness/suitability of the theme itself.

> Many, many, many thanks to Mark for getting the ball rolling on the well
> overdue new modules decision.
> The documentation team really needs a decision on the default theme for
> 2.8.  We're already past the UI freeze, which exists in part to allow us
> to finalize screenshots.
> The candidates seem to be "Glider" and "Indubstrial".  I don't know if
> Glider became the actual name, and Indubstrial certainly needs a better
> name.  Glider (SmoothGNOME) seemed to be getting a lot of traction.
> Let's have a *quick* discussion, then get somebody with an iron fist to
> deliver the verdict from on-high.  And I mean quick.  I'm going to start
> screenshooting Real Soon Now.  Once I do, I will vehemently attempt to
> block any change to the default theme.  Like pounding the ground with my
> powerful arms, frothing at the mouth, screaming at the top of my lungs.
> It won't be pretty.  Please don't make me do it.
> --
> Shaun
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