Re: Gnome Storgage DB [was Re: dbus and GNOME 2.8]

fre 2004-04-09 klockan 20.57 skrev jamie:
> On Fri, 2004-04-09 at 01:15, Enver ALTIN wrote:
> > There are a lot more things to worry about the DBMS thing for
> > GNOME than just features and license.
> Thats true. Having looked more at Gnome Storage it would seem that
> embedded DBs are out. As far as I can tell and with Linux being a multi
> user OS and Gnome Storage being a real time facility, the DB for Gnome
> storage has to be a system wide daemon (I.E. if you are performing file
> operations with multiple users at the same time then they all need to
> read/write to the same DB ergo the DB files cannot be in a user's home
> directory and they must therefore be system wide).

I don't really want to prolong this thread; that said, this argument
only says that Gnome-DB should run system-wide. It can certainly use an
embedded DB as it's backend. You are mistakenly assuming that you will
have a direct API channel to the DB backend.

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