Re: Internationalization

On Fri, 2004-04-09 at 09:18 +0400, nshmyrev wrote:
> >One thinkable approach would be to extend the token list to include all
> >translated versions of the tokens, but I don't like that much. Write
> >your own scanner :)
> By the way, there are known problems with flex - it still can't handle utf8 keywords without patch, and patch is not always included and distributions, it is sometimes hard to apply it. 
> See
> So, write your own flex :)

A little searching will give you all sorts of lex-like tools out there,
perhaps some have decent intl support. I know there are quite a few
python based lexical analyzers, and I think python has a decent intl

Also, I think wrt to mathematical words, AFAIK they are all pretty
standard, so tangent is tan no matter where you go. Does anyone have
counter examples?


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